Why Trust Price Action Analysis?

Great Risk/Reward Ratio

Know exactly where to enter and exit. Just set alerts after finding the zones.

No Need of Indicators

No need of Lagging or Leading Indicators.

Less Fear & Greed

Since Maximum Loss and Profit is know in advance, the fear and greed factor is reduced considerably.

Meet Our Team

Naren Kadam

Naren Kadam

Technical Analyst

Supply & Demand Trader. Experience in Indian and US Equity Markets for more than 3 years.

What Visitors Say

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Sagar Bande

Positional Trader

Naren is one of the best analysts with magnificent trading skills, excellent at plotting charts, thorough knowledge of supply and demand, ideal mentor and a kind human being.

Pavan Kumar Varma Dendukuri


Naren sir is one of the best technical analysts. I have learnt lot of things about supply and demand which have helped me to get the best rewards. Now, I can identify where to enter or exit in any stock based on what I learnt from Naren sir. Based on his views, I have totally changed my trading style.

Amit Goenka

Long Term Investor

Naren Kadam is one of the finest technical analysts I have come across till date. Levels given by him have not only helped me take extremely good profitable positions in many stocks, but also avoid big losses a number of times.

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