Nifty Analysis – 

Nifty 15 min chart, Nifty formed Dark cloud cover candlestick pattern followed by the bearish candle which is a good signal for weakness. I will consider long positions only if the previous high is broke and maintain that level for some time.

Apollo Hospital – 

Apollo Hospitals hourly chart, Apollo hospitals gave triangular breakout followed by flag and pole pattern. I will bullish only if high of the pole is broke and trade close above it.

Bata India Ltd –

Bata India hourly chart, Bata rallied after making swing low near 1000. Yesterday it has shown some bearish signals in the last trading sessions. Bulls will active only above high is broke and manage to trade above it.

BEML Ltd – 

BEML hour chart, BEML is showing some weakness after a good rally. Some correction in the stock will be good for next rally. BEML has two small demand zones. I will add partial positions in the zones.

Biocon Ltd – 

Biocon hourly chart, bearish flag & pole formation in the process, rejecting higher price small bullish candles and big bearish candles. Overall it indicates weakness in the Biocon but levels need to follow if you are considering to take a position.

Canfin Homes Ltd – 

Canfin Homes daily chart, after yesterdays big move Canfin home gave flag and pole breakout. But it was not able to close above the previous high. I am already in the stock from lower levels expecting some more rally.

Dabur India Ltd –

Dabur India hourly chart, beautiful flag and pole formation after a good rally. Expecting some further rally in the stock. All FMCG sector is looking good at the moment.

Hindustan Unilever Ltd –

Hindustan Unilever daily chart, another stock from FMCG sector. Flag and pole formation in the process breakout is pending. If previous high broken can expect some good rally here.

IndusInd Bank – 

IndusInd Bank hourly chart, this stock is looking weak at the moment. Up channel breakdown which is a bearish signal. I am hoping it will test demand zone.

Jain Irrigation Systems – 

Jain irrigation hourly chart, after a breakout in the small flag the stock gave good rally. Again it is in the consolidation phase and forming flag and pole formation. I am in the stock from the lower level also posted a few days back.

Jamna Auto Ind Ltd – 

Jamna Auto hourly chart, after big fall Jamna auto, is in the consolidation phase forming a triangular pattern. I waiting for the breakout and expecting some big rally if market support.

Jindal Saw Ltd – 

Jindal Saw hourly chart, missed the flag breakout now the stock is in the bearish mode will try to retest the breakout level again. Or it will be good only if the high is broken.

Jindal Steel & Power –

Jindal Steel & Power hourly chart, beautiful flag and pole formation in the process after a good rally. Expecting more rally if manage to close above high and maintain some level for some time.

JM Financials Ltd –

JM Financial Ltd hourly chart, one of my favorite stock holding it from lower levels. Flag and pole formation in the process breakout is pending. It is a good stock to keep in the watchlist.

Kajaria Ceramics Ltd –

Kajaria ceramics daily chart, the stock has broken the trendline followed by flag & pole breakout. I am expecting more rally in this stock. We have already covered this stock in the previous post.

Kaya Ltd –

Kaya Ltd daily chart, one of the good example of wedge breakout and consolidation breakout looks. And also form flag and pole formation. The stock will give good rally after the previous high is broken.

NCC Ltd –

NCC hourly chart, NCC is trading near trendline and also in the process of flag and pole formation. If breakout given it will be double breakout trendline as well as flag breakout.

Radico Khaitan Ltd –

Radico Khaitan hourly chart, gave flag and pole breakout now in the process of breakout retest. Good stock to keep in the watchlist can rally anytime.

Rain Ind Ltd –

Rain Ind daily chart, the hot favorite of many people in the 2016 -17 corrected more than 50%. Rain Ind gave flag breakout after forming strong bullish candles.

Raymond Ltd –

Raymond Ltd daily chart, after forming strong bullish candles and rally the stock is consolidating. Breaking level on either side can give good fast action.

Sintex Plastics Tech Ltd – 

Sintex Plastics Tech Ltd hourly chart, good flag and pole formation in the process. I am bullish is high is broken and maintain higher levels for some time.

Repco Homes Finance –

Repco Homes Finance hourly chart, in yesterdays post I covered this stock. Now again looking attractive. After big flag breakout, it formed a small flag and also gave a breakout. Hoping it will keep its momentum and keep rallying.

Disclaimer – 

The information is for educational purposes only and does not constitute an offer to sell nor a solicitation of an offer to buy any security which may be referenced by me. The information provided through my charts is for personal, non-commercial, educational use and display. 






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U are simply awesome
The number of stocks u track is phenomenal
And all ypur charts are having clinical analysis
Hatsoff to your efforts?

    Naren Kadam · December 21, 2018 at 7:22 am

    Thank you,Sir

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