We have answered some of the most frequently asked questions here:


Q1. Do you have a paid service?

A1. No, we don’t have a paid service.


Q2. Do you give buy or sell recommendations?

A2. No, we don’t give any buy or sell recommendations.


Q3. Can you tell 2 or 3 stocks for short, medium or long term?

A3. No. As mentioned above, we don’t provide recommendations.


Q4. I am holding a few stocks. Can you give target or stop loss for them?

A4. Please consult your financial adviser for it. We don’t give any buy or sell recommendations.


Q5. I am new to the stock market and investing. I need help. Can you help?

A5. We only post studies on this website along with informative or educational articles. We cannot help beyond that.


Q6. Can you suggest any good books or study material?

A6. There is a post which mentions where to get good study material/books from. Please check the technical analysis section for that post.


Q7. How can I contact you?

A7. Please fill out the contact form to get in touch.