BEML Ltd – 

BEML hourly chart, the stock is trading in the triangular pattern which is also a type of consolidation. The stock has formed an Inside Bar pattern in the last hours of trading. Breakout on either side will give good action in this counter. The first hour of trading is important to decide next move in the stock.

DLF Ltd – 

DLF Ltd hourly chart, the stock is trading in the range. On 7th Jan stock opened gap up rallied a little but after that, it was not able to make a new high. In this process stock has formed the double top pattern. Also, bearish flag & pole pattern formation is in the process. Anf flag which is formed is near trendline support

Hero Motocorp Ltd – 

Hero Motocorp Ltd hourly chart, the stock was in the downtrend now it is in the consolidation phase. The stock has a support area near 2250-2260 which is tested three times. Breaking the channel on the lower side the stock will keep falling and if the stock gave a breakout on upper side there will be a chance of trend reversal.

ICICI Bank Ltd –

ICICI Bank hourly chart, after giving a good rally from 355 – 384 stock is making lower lows. The stock is trading near support of 370. The has formed a number of dojis near the support. It has also formed inside bar pattern in last trading hours.

ITC Ltd – 

ITC Ltd hourly chart, the stock has rallied from 278 – 297 after rally it is trading in the range. It has formed a head and shoulder pattern and the stock is trading near the neckline. It has also formed an Inside bar pattern, the breakout will decide next move.

Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd – 

Kotak Mahindra Bank hourly chart, the stock is in the uptrend. It has formed a bullish flag and pole pattern but the breakout is pending. It has also formed double inside bar pattern, the breakout will give good move in Kotak Bank.  There is also small resistance near 1242-43.

Lupin Ltd –

Lupin Ltd hourly chart, the stock was in the uptrend. But in the last week stock has formed shooting star followed by strong red candle giving more confirmation about weakness in the stock. In the last trading session, the stock has tested the shooting star levels. if stock trade below lower red line for some time, it may correct.


NIITTECH Ltd hourly chart, the stock is in the uptrend. The bullish candles are very strong compared with bearish candles. In the last two trading session not much movement in the stock. I am bullish on NIITTECH Ltd only above 1240.

Suven Lifesciences Ltd –

Suven Lifesciences hourly chart, the stock is trading in the tight range. Suven is now trading near lower support line of the channel. If stock managed to keep 221 levels for some time we can see a good rally in the counter.

Tata Motors Ltd –

Tata Motors hourly chart, the stock is trading in the triangular pattern. In the last trading, session stock has formed a hammer pattern near lower trendline followed by a bullish candle. So I am expecting some good move in this counter. This stock is already hammered a lot.

Disclaimer – 

The information is for educational purposes only and does not constitute an offer to sell nor a solicitation of an offer to buy any security which may be referenced by me. The information provided through my charts is for personal, non-commercial, educational use and display. 





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