Axis Bank Ltd –

Axis Bank hourly chart, in the last trading session stock, opened gap-down and remain on lower levels for the first hour then it starts moving upside and formed a bullish engulfing pattern after that strong bullish confirmation candle. In the last few hours of trading, it formed Inside Bar. Breaking above or below Inside bar will give good momentum.

Bata India Ltd –

Bata India hourly chart, in the last trading session stock, opened gap-down and made a big red candle. But it started rallying back after forming the bearish candle. Again this stock has formed double inside bar expecting some good action in this counter. I have marked previous inside bars please look how the stock had performed after forming double inside bar.

Biocon Ltd –

Biocon Ltd 15 min chart, Biocon has given flag and pole breakout after forming a double bottom. Biocon is falling from higher levels but in last trading session, it has given some nice reversal signals like double dojis, previous swing breakout and now flag breakout (it is continuation pattern not reversal).

CESC Ltd –

CESC Ltd 15 min chart, the stock was in a downtrend and still it is in a downtrend on a higher timeframe. But in the last trading session, it has given some good reversal signals like double Inside bar at lower levels, the bullish harami pattern. Looking for some good action in this counter.

City Union Bank Ltd –

City Union Bank Ltd hourly chart, the stock is in a downtrend and made a bearish flag and pole formation. But it has also formed double inside bar pattern, the breakout in the inside bar will give good action.

Divis Lab Ltd  – 

Divis labs Ltd hourly chart, the stock was in a downtrend and was also in consolidation phase before start moving upside. Now Divis has formed small flag and pole formation and I am expecting breakout & V-shaped reversal in the Divis labs. It is pharma stock anything can happen.

Edelweiss Fin Serv Ltd –

Edelweiss fin Serv Ltd hourly chart, the stock was trading in a downtrend before rejecting the lower levels by forming an inverted hammer reversal pattern. Now Edelweiss has formed flag and pole formation. I am expecting the flag breakout in Edelweiss.

JK Paper Ltd –

Jk Paper Ltd hourly chart, JK paper was trading in a downtrend tried for reversal but failed, reversing from the resistance level. It has formed a strong bullish engulfing pattern at resistance level which is good reversal sign. Also flag and pole formation expecting some action in this counter.

ONGC Corp –

ONGC Corp hourly chart, ONGC was in uptrend. But after a rally, it is in a consolidation phase which indicated the stock is getting weak. It also formed shooting star at trendline resistance. I am bullish only above if the previous high is broken.

Power Finance Corp Ltd –

Power Finance Corp hourly chart, the stock is in the uptrend. PFC has formed a triangular pattern at the top. Breakout the pattern on either side will result in good action in the stock.

Disclaimer –

The information is for educational purposes only and does not constitute an offer to sell nor a solicitation of an offer to buy any security which may be referenced by me. The information provided through my charts is for personal, non-commercial, educational use and display. 



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