Following are the few charts to keep in the watch list.

Ajanta Pharma –

Ajanta pharma weekly chart. Ajanta is nearly on the verge of a triangular breakout,  but the reverse is also possible.


Ajanta pharma daily chart. Two smaller flag breakouts in between weekly triangle. There is a demand zone near 1085 -1050.

Lupin Ltd –

Lupin weekly chart, Lupin forming rounding bottom on weekly chart and also small triangular breakout completed. Some resistance levels are there which plotted on the chart.

Lupin Daily –

Lupin daily chart, Lupin reversed from daily as well as weekly trendline and also from the rounding bottom (Blue dotted line).

Manappuram Finance –

Manappuram Weekly chart, Manappuram forming flag, and pole formation but a breakout is remaining. Demand zone is formed at bottom 72 – 65.

Manappuram daily chart, small consolidation formation is in the process, waiting for a breakout.

United Spirits –

United spirits weekly charts, Unites Spirits looking chart good on weekly timeframe down channel breakout, broken resistance with a strong candle.

United spirits daily chart, United spirits gave flag breakout with a strong candle and good volume.

Strides Pharma – 

Strides weekly chart, triangle formation is in process at the bottom giving a good sign of reversal.

Strides daily chart, strides looking good on daily chart maximum pharma companies looking good on daily as well as on the weekly chart.

Disclaimer – 

The information is for educational purposes only and does not constitute an offer to sell or an offer to buy any security which may be referenced by me. The information provided through my charts is for personal, non-commercial, educational use and display


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